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sabato 11 giugno 2011

Re-establish the center-right without Berlusconi. PDL and Fli make a decision.

The accounts are made with the right ideas. How? Storing poisons (the past) and thinking about the content (present and future). The goal is to reestablish the center, build a big house and the prospect of the moderates is to do it by 2013. The smoke the pipe of peace Gaetano Quagliariello (PDL) and Adolfo Urso (FLI) in the Chapter House of the Senate sitting at the same table laid the foundations Farefuturo Magna Carta and which together have promoted a series of six workshops on the key issues of political debate are then the cardinal values ​​and identity of the center. A first step of dialogue, free from the constraints of political tactics and opposition 'to bias' and calibrated on the mend as fractures and resume the journey together.

The meeting points are, we must then see if they become MPs convergence for now on certain issues and regrouping in the future: primary and agenda for growth (see reform), to begin with. I tossed the pebble into the pond two think tanks, not without a dose of self-criticism as the reciprocal diplomatic (but real) acts of 'contrition' made public by the two politicians, leave the field of head-on collision in which game-force were dragged over the past two years, to get together to discuss ideas, valuing differences and working to see if you can arrive at a shared synthesis. Tests to mend the rift with Fli or at least with the moderate wing of the party of Fini which, while allowing the parent does not want to proceed with an ax who poses a ruling following background: The berluconicidio, as defined by Quagliariello. Even he says that the first meeting you will go home with a "brick planted" the former minister echoed with the call to consider that now "it's time to rebuild, because the phase of grievances, claims and tears we leave behind. "

One way of stating bluntly that a common pathway is possible and must start afresh from here. In the background, not too far away in time, there are 2013 political event at which the center can not get in a position now - beats Urso - on pain of victory of the radical left. It 'the same argument that the vice president of the Senate when he warns that PDL anticipates that of "berlusconicidio" is a shortcut, an error and the proof is in the outcome of administrative action where a win was the radical left because it was a shift of Verica 'axis to the left of the Democratic Party. And this "means that the space of the moderate opposition alternative to Berlusconi is undone." In Milan, Naples and Cagliari won "De Magistris, Di Pietro and Vendola, which may become the true heirs of Berlusconi, while from time to time who is the candidate for the berlusconicidio enjoys high visibility in the media and then finally, a failed mission in the deposit of scrap iron. With a limited choice of dressing down by poor relative to the left of the table. "

A frank debate, open, with the "style" of moderate reason and shouted, in which Quagliariello Urso and played cards by launching dosed with reciprocal demands fair play on the errors of the other but still indicates that the commitment to work together. When, where and how it will lead to a readjustment of the center is to be verified, but the fact is that now we start again time horizon has already been fixed. The comparison does not escape the quota, even enter fully in the dialogue and the stresses come from the moderator face to face, Francesco Verderame (Corser).

First of all the primaries. Urso is launching a proposal-shock if we look at: the center must be renewed through the mechanism of "open primaries, which identify the new candidate for prime minister and which can not be directly involved leaders who have had the merit of having built the center and bipolarity: Berlusconi, Bossi, Fini and Casini. " Just them, the former minister asks to take a step back "to the emergence of the ruling class, Gary and I have white hair already but there are many young people who deserve to emerge. We must ready to face a long path, we have to rebuild from the bottom, because the PDL have challenged the very fact that decisions were dropped from above while the primaries mean a choice from the bottom and the maximum element of discontinuity with respect to a party master " . Urso believes that the center is facing a real turning point, in practice, especially "if the four founders decide to make the noble fathers" of the grid. Remains to be seen how far that will take Fini on the premiership and the post-Berlusconi has calibrated the whole strategy last year. But the proposal of the former minister is on the table as the comparison of ideas and arguments, not wishful thinking and therefore legitimate.

Quagliariello replication on primary but also about the 'gray hair'. He began ironically: "When I hear of the ruling class with white hair a bit 'I inc ... because a life is considered' too young 'and now I'm already starting to be categorized among the' too old '." Joking aside, the vice president of PDL senators do not think just like Bear. The primary institutionalized in law and on single-judge offices (mayors, presidents of the province and region) are the means to open the party to the participation of members and supporters, to mobilize and to select candidates at the local level and avoid repeating the mistakes of the the past (even newer ones) and especially do not give advantage to the left than to the primary election campaign begins to make the first two months and almost always manages to find good candidates.

Not only that, the objective is also set to "objectify charisma and it becomes part of institutional life." Urso does not close the door to the request to converge on the bill which is working Quagliariello ("you can do, especially where there is only one election round," she explains), yet moves the premiership on fire in 2013 . For Vice-President of the Senate can not think today of what may happen in two years and this is said to agree with the analysis of Fabrizio Cicchitto: as long as Berlusconi is the leader of the primary center for the premiership does not need that would be like to do the primaries alone or against himself. In another stage, as late as possible if they can reason, not now. "

But there is another point which focuses Quagliariello reasoning: we can not lose the great work carried out by Berlusconi in modernizing these seventeen years. E 'was he in '93 "to block the road to communism already defeated by history, it was he who innovate content policy, it was he who changed the course of foreign policy by clearing the Americans." For this Quagliariello would want that in the yard of the center "the great work of Berlusconi modernizing" and we were all in a central position because, although some sections may not like that of Berlusconi, the point is that Berlusconi was "the epiphany of the center ".

Urso welcomes the new phase opened by the PDL and Quagliariello returns the courtesy stressing that "the appointment of a secretary is a political signal to be seized even if obviously can not be the only m so as to overcome the logic of between 70 to 30 An ex and former Fi. And to the question of Sull'adda Miccichè the PDL stresses one thing: there is now a clear direction and well defined with respect to a project in the field for several months and will remain in the center Miccichè. There is time for a mutual outing. Quagliariello has no problem admitting that the recognition of Fli made by Berlusconi in the national leadership convention before the futurist Bastia Umbra was late and maybe "could be done first to allow the time of sedimentation, but it is also clear when considering a Finian error of the obstinacy of the concept of "berlusconicidio" and that that recognition was not taken into account. Urso condemns the 'machine of the mud' and admits that the strategy dell'antiberlusconismo regardless, it was not the right one. That said, when asked if he should leave or not and Fli Fini, Urso pulls his usual diplomacy to say no, do not think about where and remains even if the "common house (aka the third pole, ed) there are those who do not adapting to the line. " Indirect reference to administrative and even the referendum. There is another point of contact between Quagliariello and Urso. Vice President of PDL senators asked him to agree on a bill to prevent instances Narducci Nicastro in Naples or in Puglia. In essence a standard by which judges "can not be elected mayor and president of the province or take up the post of provincial and municipal councilor in the district in which they exercise their functions or in which they performed in the previous two years", and that "should ask the expectation of the application in areas outside its jurisdiction. Similar principles are fixed for the presidency of the region and the position of Regional Councillor. " The bill in question provided that "judges who take these positions can not exercise judicial functions for the five years following the termination of the mandate, but must be placed in administrative roles of the Ministry of Justice or nell'Avvocatura the State." From Urso comes a yes.

Looking ahead, therefore: the primaries are a first point of contact by both sides but there is willingness to work on the agenda of growth, as it is called Urso, that the reform of government over the next two years. And 'from this it passes the re-establishment of the center. The challenge of Magna Carta and Farefuturo is played on an open plan and the challenge here in the next month is summarized in the words of Federico Eichberg and Raffaele Perna, general secretaries of the two think tanks: if we want to build the center of the moderates to be constructed around a non-negotiable core values ​​on which we are all united, then the political-cultural variation must be different. It is not an oxymoron, but a new challenge. Something right is going.

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