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mercoledì 15 dicembre 2010

Former fellow Assange punish his narcissism

Julian Assange soaked in self-centeredness is a narcissist. The fact that he bounced from one side of the globe to give interviews to rain, putting to shame such a leader rather than another and throwing threats about publishing cablegrams "secret" or "confidential", shows that the initial declaration 'intent to remain anonymous WikiLeaks part of a collective effort was a resounding promise as a sailor. Typical of those who monopolize a project sponsor of person making it.
And it was this moth that has begun to nibble a few months in the organization, leading to secession in WikiLeaks. Since October, there was a veritable hemorrhage of several prominent members of the organization, angered by the methods of their autocratic leader and the decision not to cancel entirely, from recently published documents on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan , the names of informers and collaborators of the occupiers.
One of the fruits of this schism is OpenLeaks, a kind of mailbox to collect testimonies, reports and recommendations without disclosing the identity of the sender and that has the same goals but using different means than the more famous site of Assange. The website, available online since yesterday, will not publish documents directly to the network (thus avoiding a dangerous media exposure of the organization) but will make them available only to the newspapers "partners." A shrewd course of action, which capitalizes on the backlash against the Australian hacker organization of American politicians and the public to the latest leaks.
Leading the group of dissidents who have created the site is a former man WikiLeaks: Daniel Domscheit-Berg. Computer German hacker and former spokesman who received 250 thousand of the electronic documents sent by embassies and consulates in the United States. The reason why last September, has cut ties with Assange (of which, however, was one of his earliest supporters) you can imagine: the top-down management of the information received and the ways of disseminating news. Exposing one of the short-term goals of the newly formed organization, the same Domscheit-Berg stressed - by launching a scathing critique of the implicit 'pirate of the web' - which will complete "technical infrastructure and organization that is democratically governed by all its States and not only from a limited group or individually. " Any reference to events and people is purely coincidental.

We had seen long years ago, another of the "bigwig" of the 'Narcissus pimp of the Web': John Young. New York, 73, intelligence expert, famous for being one of the founders of Wikileaks, along with Assange. In conflict with one of the ideas behind the project soon took puppets and cabin and slammed the door on the Australian hacker. Usandone the recipe carefully, however, Cryptome founded in 1996, now considered the dean of the websites which spilled secret documents. What I could not stand the idea was to make the site WikiLeaks a commercial enterprise because, in that, "Collecting money for a site that deals with confidential documents, it is dangerous. Threatens to distort the absolute neutrality of revelation. " Forward-looking, he knew that eventually the only product sold would be the face of Julian Assange.
Other than collective effort, but team. The defections important that the organization has suffered over the years show how the whole system is strictly centralized in the hands of a single, only 'chief executive officer'. The covers of Time, respectively, which lists him as the man papabile year, and the Rolling Stones, who decreed it "rock star 2010" making it "an icon like Che Guevara and Mao on T-shirts for Andy Warhol," do not do that support this theory.

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