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giovedì 13 marzo 2014

"Change Italy change"

The premier Matteo Renzi: change before the Italian European Semester. The conference released after the Council of the Ministers, began to explain the economic measures.

While electoral law “Italicum” passes, but the majority is divided. The Italicum, the proposed electoral reform based on understanding between Renzi and Silvio Berlusconi, after the agreement that divides the same majority supporting the government. 

The yeas are 365, those with contraries 156, 40 abstentions. 

The minor parties in the majority party vote yes, and partly no part in abstain in protest against the blocked lists. Yes vote for the Democratic Party (strong contrasts between interior) and “Forza Italia” party.
No “Movimento 5 Stars” of  Beppe Grillo, “Lega Nord”, Sel (Left party) and FDI. Now the word will pass the Senate.

“The key, he said, is change Italy before the European semester”. 

Renzi: change politics, unlock debts of the public administration. “It's a revolution impressive for Italy,” said the premier.” He added that “the policy gives good instance. From 26 March blue car will be auctioned.” Then he said, “We are unlocking the payment of Public Administration.”

And continuing “Let's see if we can introduce the job very seriously and carefully structured we have prepared and which will in evening the ministers to submit alternate the various measures adopted.

Renzi: tax wedge measures from 1 May "Five hundred million euro more to the Guarantee Fund for Small and medium-sized enterprises and for combat the credit crunch. Renzi said it after the Council of Ministers.

 “3.5 billion will be the ceiling on which to draw for municipalities and provinces for schools,” he added, while tax measures, tax wedge, will be in force by May 1.
“There will be” a thousand Euros net per year for those earning less than € 1,500 per month.
“The Council of Ministers has approved the house plan that will have an impact of 1.7 billion. The 10 billion for households are spending only savings.

For the work plan, announced Renzi, a draft law to contract term up to 3 years old and simplification apprenticeship. “From 1 June 500 million for social enterprises and the increase in the tax credit to the researchers. “There will be a lowering of the IRAP rate of 10%.” 

We will see it. 

Giacomo Palumbo

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