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mercoledì 12 gennaio 2011

Intercept these fears and give them an answer.

The crisis increases in the citizen-voters fear that the right has been able to intercept and use to their advantage while the liberal left has failed to answer it. Until the left does not must set up a new strategy for the revival which led out of the shallows of the crisis and to lay the foundations for a sustained recovery phase can not go back to being a winner.
In this room for two days Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Felipe Gonzales, Michelle Bachelet and the best promise of Western liberalism (Carme Chacón, Matt Browne, James Purnell, to name a few) as did the Progressive Leaders Meeting which was held in New York on 13 and Dec. 14 does not mean to surrender to the nostalgia of one of the best moments in the history of progressive left to see a virtual world or "passing the baton" between generations, but above all reflect on how it changed the very way govern the advanced economies of the new millennium. A reflection that will continue in the coming months with the Parliamentary Leaders Conference held in Rome from next January for the Democratic Party and the Progress Global Conference to be held in Madrid in the spring.
If the nineties were the time when globalization at the dawn fueled hopes and confidence in the future, the new century of globalization matures in advanced societies is fueling a feeling of fear: fear of its decline before the growth of so-called emerging economies , fear of failing to combat the economic crisis and its effects, fear of immigrants and the terrorist threat, fear of losing welfare and protections won in the Second World War.
For the conservative right, who was able to intercept these fears and give them an answer, opened a period of electoral success. For the forces of reform, however, began living with a new phenomenon: the presence, in most people-voters, two seemingly contradictory attitudes: on the one hand, the sharing of values typically progress on rights human, civil and minority rights, the other a conservative attitude with respect to small and large achievements maybe fatigue (a decent wage, own a house, a small pension).
We believe that when it comes to values, the differences between left and right and there is still hope that the values at which the left is inspired by and which mark its difference from the right not only to confirm their strength but see increasing social consensus around the need to broaden their scope and strengthen their effectiveness.
Thus, today, is not so much on the values (or at least not only on them) should be thinking, what about policies that are based on these principles and which are necessary to meet the new challenges of our time.
The experiences of the New Deal and the Third Way teach us that when progressive forces were able to develop and communicate innovative approaches to economic and social development have also experienced positive political and electoral cycles. Until then, the left is not a new strategy will provide for the recovery that you not only get out of the shallows of the crisis but, more importantly, to lay the foundations for a sustained recovery phase, it will not revert to being a winner.
An indispensable reference point in this direction is represented for European progress, the Lisbon Strategy. Only focusing on the quality of human capital and the enhancement of a knowledge-based growth, and thus on innovation, science and culture, one can think of giving Europe the tools to remain competitive in the globalized economy and create conditions for recovery.
The recovery, however, is not enough: it is also necessary for its beneficial effects can enjoy as many people as possible. The prospect of a jobless recovery or wageless, outlined by many scholars, would only increase social inequalities and increase the widespread feeling of insecurity. But signs, above all, a further loss of hope in the future for young people.
Any strategy to exit from the crisis meant "left" would have not only the goal of generating sustainable growth and the macroeconomic environment, but, first, to make the creation of good jobs its central axis.
We believe that to restore the centrality of political work should be an essential task of the progressive Italian and European left. It comforting to see how, among the topics discussed global progressive agenda in New York, next to "security", "energy and environment, inequality / equality" and "immigration" appears the theme of work.
In 2011, together with the Department of Economics, we will launch a research project aimed at defining a European plan for the work, ie a range of coordinated policies that, even under the constraint of the consolidation of public finances, can actually work to create stable and quality employment in an environment of sustainable growth.
It is a difficult and ambitious challenge, but he can not escape a left that wants to win again.

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