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mercoledì 8 settembre 2010

Long live the nation. Down anglicized.

Tomorrow morning you wake up and probably turn on the computer, maybe to read emails or chat with a distant friend. We subscribe to a newsletter, and by true fans of the network, update your blog. Within a few minutes you will have to do with English words that have entered our common vocabulary of law. It does not happen only in Italy, it happens in France. But there have never particularly loved the English in their vocabulary.
So President Nicolas Sarkozy has decided to hold a competition just to abolish those English words and find other more suitable for using the French language. The President does not want to hear those words and many others like him. So students of national schools could send up to February 7, 2010, ideas, sent to the portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The contest is called Francomot and students will be able to invent new words that use some existing modified to make them closer to concepts related to the network.
Is not a total novelty for France because in the past several administrations have tried to block the advance of those terms that, were it not for the internet, would not be born and would not particularly popular around the world in a single language. So the French government continuously transmits to its offices to avoid the English. Thus, for example, that the word "chat" in French institution has become since 2006 "Dialogue en ligne", and "courriel" instead of email.
France's pride with their own language (as the only English spoken on five continents) and its history, so much so that perhaps one of the few countries in the world where the computer - Italy taxes paid long-term - is called "ordinateur.
Then on February 10 the jury Francomot will meet to consider the suggestions and February 17, at 18, Alain Joyandet, Secretary of State for Cooperation and Francophony, officially award the winners. France's pride with his language as indeed Spain and Italy? We are Fashion.

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