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mercoledì 8 settembre 2010

What is creativity?

Creativity is one of the salient features of human behavior is dictated by an intelligence not logical, most obvious in some individuals who are able to produce innovations and changes due to their ability to see new connections between thoughts and objects.

Creativity is marked by originality and legality: the former must be present in every artistic creation, while the second is essential to ensure that a work of art can be recognized as such by other individuals. In fact, users of an artistic product accept it or refuse it as such, influenced by social desirability of the product, the presence or absence of communication, and the distortion of the product.
The creation of an artistic creation will also respect the rules, thus avoiding that it is the result of arbitrariness.
The need to study non-measurable aspects of intelligence through logical reasoning, led Wertheimer to conduct initial research on creativity, around the 40s of last century. This student did the productive thinking, denoted by the ability to open new solutions outside of those notes, using several cognitive aspects.
He devised the original measurement scales to quantify what he called "mental capacity restructuring, not measurable through traditional intelligence tests.

Personality traits of the artist

Creativity seems positively influenced by the individual's ability to continually rearrange their lives, but it is hampered by traits of addiction, emotional blocks and neurosis. Many studies have attempted to sketch a profile of the creative personality, concluding that the artist, in broad outline, have the following characteristics:

- Curiosity

- Need order

- Need for achievement

- Authorities

- Independence

- Aggression

- Lack of inhibition

- Unconventional

- Versatility

- Self-discipline and great capacity for work

- Ability criticism, hardly satisfied

- Wide range of interests, which shall not include economic

- Introversion, just eager to social relations

- Intuition and ability to empathize with others' states of mind

- Description of himself as a creative and significant impact on other

Besides being characterized by particular personality traits, the artist has the knowledge and ability to apply techniques that allow you to enhance creativity.

S. Rams, a distinguished historian of medicine, has identified certain conditions that foster the creative process, they are:

- The ability to be alone that allows the individual to listen to their inner world by reducing exposure to conventional stimuli;

- The idle, the jobs do not pay attention to external facilitates the emergence of patterns that deviate from reality;

- Naivety, a term used to indicate the propensity to perceive common features hidden in seemingly different from each other;

- The excitement and discipline, the ability to submit to the rules to avoid arbitrariness.

well act in accordance with the right amount of creativity.

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