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mercoledì 8 settembre 2010

Working as a librarian.

The book. An object often considered superfluous, not essential. Useless pages, which could only make us lose time, and while a growing number of clothing stores, libraries are becoming increasingly rare. Not to mention libraries, sometimes overlooked by those institutions which should ensure a smooth operation: replace the internet, they preserve a heritage unknown to new generations who are losing their taste, simple and unique at the same time, a book.
Yet "culture is personal adventure" since "begins just when the public education ends" (G. Prezzolini). If only we thought that every page you write is a fragment of life, we would realize the great value of a book: someone gives us the most precious part of himself, since the writer, if he does it with passion, expresses its soul . Even a "summary may be a work of art" because "history is a summary of events, the opera is a summary of feelings" (G. Prezzolini).

Young people, nowadays, reject the idea of spending part of their lives to study for, then find yourself ... how do librarians work in a library if you do not need a culture depth! But the librarian could be compared to the doctor because his task is to provide the necessary tools a person can heal their inner self.
The first library was founded, according to tradition, in the fifteenth century BC C. Thebes, went to the door the inscription "Here is the medicine of the soul."
History has known scholars, librarians, beginning with the greek poet Callimachus, who introduced the great library of Alexandria, built in the Hellenistic period, the Pinakes ("tables"), the oldest systematic catalog known. The same U.S. Melvil Dewey, inventor of the classification system used in most libraries around the world (CCD, Dewey Decimal Classification) was a librarian with immense knowledge.

"The participation and the development of democracy depend on satisfactory education as well as a free and unrestricted access to knowledge, thought, culture and information" and "the public library is an essential condition for ' lifelong learning, independent decision-making, cultural development of individuals and social groups, "says the UNESCO Public Library Manifesto, adopted in November 1994. Among the tasks recognized these public institutions (public, not because government, but because open to the public) is to encourage intercultural dialogue, as is the comparison that comes to the inner wealth. Great, then, are the responsibility of a librarian, an intermediary between users, which, as Alfred Serrai, "all have the right to cultivate and to advance intellectually, and resources available to them.

Each operates through its content, puts man in touch with eternity, as inherent in a past in which it was composed, a present, which is read, and a future, which will be broadcast.
Libraries, mute heirs of a historical memory of those who surround the effort, a time when even the press did not exist, what dell'amanuense considered a sacred work, since the possibility was considered sacred to transmit to posterity their mark in the world through writing. An exciting task, then, that the librarian, if we reflect on its core mission and its role in the education of a man.

Many, perhaps, yet not know that there is a "code of ethics of the librarian" who are required to comply members AIB (Italian Library Association) between the duties to be respected is to "honor the profession, with deep awareness of its social utility. "
So why the profession of librarian is not even considered by young graduates? Recall that "if we know the meaning of life, we open a book there, after all, in the darkest chapter, there is a sentence written especially for us" (Paul mentioned).

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