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domenica 12 dicembre 2010

Liu Xiaobo Nobel. Oslo splits into two street the world.

18 countries lacked the ceremony for the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo on Dec. 10, when, as usual, the world celebrates the International Day of Human Rights. Missing also, and above all, the Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo to whom the award was and who is serving a sentence of 11 years in prison for subversive activities, guilty of having drawn up a manifesto, the 'Charter 08', in which they ask democracy, recognition of human rights and personal freedoms, a liberal economic reform and, of course, elections and the end of one-party regime.
Among the states that, out of solidarity with China hurt and angry, declined the invitation of the Nobel Committee are Russia and Kazakhstan, which they fear might be able to find a day in the same situation in Beijing. And very disappointing, however, the lack of participation in Iraq and Afghanistan, countries that, after so many sacrifices, is to focus firmly trust in democratic institutions and unequivocally committed to the protection of human rights. At the last moment have decided to present Ukraine and Serbia, although the latter does not with its ambassador in Oslo. Especially Belgrade hopes to join the European Union and the decision to speak at the ceremony will most likely respond to this logic. "In Europe there are values - in fact he had commented in a statement the EU - who does not respect them, can not join. The absence at the awards ceremony of an activist for civil liberties and political persecution by the Chinese communist dictatorship, is a choice of sides. "
As their choice of field is well known, has not aroused surprise decision to boycott the ceremony in Oslo taken by Cuba and Iran, two regimes that stifle dissent by the same means used by Beijing. Neither surprised solidarity of Saudi Arabia, an extreme example of 'apartheid' Gender and Palestinian National Authority, which is confirmed yet culturally distant from the values of democracy and freedom. On Sudan, the Government could not refuse a favor to China and for many reasons. Democratic institutions Sudanese conceal an authoritarian regime which rages for decades on the civilian population so that the International Criminal Court in 2009 issued a warrant for the arrest of its president, Omar Hassan al Bashir, accused of war crimes, genocide and crimes against 'humanity. In addition, the Sudan sells some two-thirds of its oil to China. Finally, Khartoum says Beijing by providing funding and weapons and often answer in his favor in the UN Security Council.

The good news, said the Nobel Committee, which is still more than two thirds of the countries invited to the event have agreed to participate. Is it any wonder, then, what would happen if the invitation had been extended to all member states of the United Nations and not just those who have diplomatic missions in Norway. Perhaps the relationship would be reversed, with about two-thirds of the states sided with China, driven by economic or political interests, or both. Not surprisingly, Beijing spoke of more than 100 countries in its favor. There are sub-Saharan African governments, for example: how many of these, many of which are known to be far from democratic and respectful of human rights, would have braved the wrath of Beijing pours billions of dollars in various capacities on the continent, in addition without the intrusive demands of good governance, fighting corruption and human rights advanced by the West?
Last but not least, among those who declined the invitation to the ceremony for the Nobel Prize figure no less than the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navy Pillay. The absence was based on previous commitments and the day before Ms. Pillay, during a press conference, urged the release of Liu Xiaobo as soon as possible. This did not spare the High Commissioner allegations that he actually caved in to pressure from China. No doubt his presence would be an opportunity to state firmly condemn all violations of human rights, the more valuable as the United Nations proclaimed the universal rights that are now defending themselves in ways not always convincing, making each day more clear that the eyes of many governments and peoples of many western values are, in whole or in part unacceptable.
Does not help the fact that in the name of equal representation of all continents, the UN agencies in democratic countries are in the minority. One example is the recently formed Women of the UN (United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women), dedicated to the fight against gender discrimination and the advancement of women in the world. The 41 members of its Executive Board comprises only 5 countries in a pool 'Western Europe and other states': in addition to six members chosen from among the largest donors were the agency, as many as 10 positions belong to Asia, Africa 10, 6 for Latin America and the Caribbean, Eastern Europe 4.

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