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sabato 11 dicembre 2010

The social market economy could be the answer to the crisis.

Nobody is obliged to be happy, but everyone should have the opportunity to achieve the happiness of their lives through the performance and effort. Therein lies the promise social market economy. It is a present perspective also for Italy? The fact that Germany, the birthplace of this economic vision, has once again become the economic locomotive of the old continent, the first nation to give strong signals of recovery, the European country to drive the export may be a valid reason to question the its feasibility in our context? If they are asked in recent days, the invited speakers at the institute Don Sturzo for a debate organized by the foundation K. Adenauer, in Rome.
The man of today, after the financial and economic crisis that is still shaking the foundations of our economic order, bringing before our eyes the result of greed and the blatant disconnect between profit and risk, the conference on is still work in Europe, "he wanted to put at the heart of human dignity. The Christian vision of economic policy requires that adapts to humans and not in the sense back. This may necessitate an economic order that protects the foundations of a liberal economy - freedom of contract, private property, competition and legal certainty - making it impossible, through regulation, the excessive use of freedom by some.
The Western economy seems to have difficulty in overcoming the crisis that surrounds us now for more than two years. Economists, politicians and businessmen alternate ads to positive statements more pessimistic and cautious. And the attention to ethics in business is moving in the background. As soon as the crisis erupted, all to invoke rules and laws to prevent the catastrophe of the new game from America and quickly propagatasi in several Western economies. Now it seems everything is back to a "let it go, let's see if the crisis passes, without ethical standards."

How many times have we heard that the "market is not enough, we must find a balance between" market and social reasons. " But it is not particularly demanding, and results are seen, perhaps because too many vested interests are affected.
The social market economy, not to be confused with the social market economy, reports the dignity of the individual at the heart of the economic process, stimulates the efficiency of competition because it allows the operator to enter the public party game setting the rules for free competition, respect for all actors in the market so there is no bias or impartiality. According to this view increased competition brings higher productivity and thus the need for greater social distribution. While in Germany the social market economy has brought great results in society and the productive system, Italy in its interpretation still requires much time and thought.
The experience of this crisis should lead us to rebuild a new humanism of the labor market. " In our country a social policy choices that would have consequences not easy to handle and accept. The debt was justly held in check by the Minister Tremonti, and this is preventing the disasters, Greece first, Ireland now and perhaps Portugal and Spain in the future, they are living. But we must continue to combat tax evasion to recover not only money but also and above all, a culture of legality and liability, which would make it more "social" our economy and society. Strengthen social services, fighting inefficiency and waste, through the principle of subsidiarity is always a priority of our system.
Some experts say Italy is experiencing a very unusual phenomenon in the history of the modern economy: growth without jobs. It should, from the perspective of the social economy, strengthen the flexibility of the labor market with an equally strong social protection. Should reduce the gap between the labor market and education, the school, is trying to do as the minister Gelmini and its reform of the university. Finally, we must raise wages to jump-start consumption and affirm, in the concrete, the dignity of the person and his work, whose value is also measured in the salary, which for this should not fall below the minimum of social survival. The social market economy can be an additional contribution to Italy to face with seriousness and foresight our productive and social system.

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