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mercoledì 12 gennaio 2011

On religious freedom: "Europe is losing its roots and its identity"

A war that spread blood in distant countries, and a more creeping into our house ...
Creepy but no less tragic: two centuries later, Europe again to worship the goddess of reason and reform the calendar, as in the days of the French Revolution. With the mirage of the same "freedom" then, with the same purpose to replace Christianity, and unfortunately with the same means. The internal war is more dangerous because it feeds the other.
"A non-diplomatic speech to the diplomats." Use a pun, the philosopher and former Senate President Marcello Pera, to sum up the tone of the statements of Benedict XVI. "It does not contain ambiguity allows - he explains - says "West must realize that there are two wars of religion against Christianity and provides, or the Western world has lost. "
Pope denounces it as its "discriminatory acts against Christians are considered less serious" by governments.
Europe weakens itself and so gives breath to its enemies. The risk then is not only to maintain their roots (which is already happening), but also the identity and raison d'être: a battle itself fighting against Christianity, does not recognize the danger that comes from outside.
In a Europe that is said to pluralistic, many laws seek to impose "alleged new rights" secularists, challenged Christians also can not comply.
Benedict XVI indicates a terrible contradiction: Europe proclaims the universality of human rights and defends them words, but also violates the first of the inalienable rights, that is what freedom of conscience and religion.
Europe but also America ...
Certainly, in fact, America is becoming a greater Europe, and Europe is becoming a big Belgium, Canada, or a large, a land that is spiritually barren. The United States today we run the same risk, although there civil society resists better, still feels the call of origins. But rapid Europeanisation is worrying and the entire West is not only facing a crisis, the economic crisis that we all see, but at the beginning of a decline.
Also in the name of tolerance, many countries are trying to ban Christian symbols and holidays, from Christmas to the Cross. Out of respect for religions, we suppress our ... The same Tg months ago said that "for those who believe today is Easter," gave full account of Ramadan.
She sees him? The goddess of reason and reform of the calendar. But mention the other and cancel themselves is the most suicidal to be tolerant, not you realize that tolerance presupposes at least two interlocutors, an us and them, and if we have only the other gates. Last year in Cairo, Obama spoke of "Islam's contribution to the birth of the United States: a historical bestiality no foundation.
The attack on our fundamental values and the Christian roots seem to come from multiple fronts.
It comes from the left as from the right. I just remember that a year ago and Fini Grenada signed a manifesto in which he claimed the "pagan origins of Europe."
There is an intolerance that denies even the objection of conscience and freedom of education.
If secularism is seen as a true religion, if the reason for men is a goddess who governs all, the doctor or the teacher who stands opposed to a dogma, and therefore must be annihilated. The Pope is giving voice to minorities and courage to all of us, tells us that the battle may very well win, as long as you clearly recognize what is happening, but I am sorry: this clarity I find in Benedict XVI and a few other characters culture, but very little in the political class and Information.

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