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venerdì 24 giugno 2011

Luigi Bisignani P4: the man caught in Italy. P4 Bisignani Luigi: l'uomo più intercettato d'Italia.

Investigation Bisignani was the brainstorm of the procurators Woodcock and Curcio. Not being able to directly control the uses of ministers and parliamentarians, when they discovered that Mr. X interwoven relations with Italy, which has half have decided to listen to their conversations, hoping that some big fish end up in the network. But Bisignani was used to frame a construct mammoth, evoking the P2, with Licio Gelli, the parallel intelligence, occult societies and Freemasonry deviated, short memory of the majority report Anselmi, the firmness of the Democratic partisan white. The problem is that the investigating magistrate has removed the vast majority of the crime charged to the company Bisignani, leaving open the particular violation of the confidentiality of investigations.
Bisignani also intercept was the coup de grace that the prosecutors wanted to give a government weakened by electoral defeats and referendum, to a party, the PDL (Berlusconi), shaken by deep earthquakes. With the clear aim of making them implode. The rivalry between the current waste books on Berlusconi, the personalities, have become the real offense in media centers, even if it is not criminal, since politics is made of high ideals but also of normal battles battles of the palace. The executioner indifference claims to represent the first and second feeds, envy and spite, stir in the depths in search of errors and (human) weaknesses. The P4 is simply an aberration legal, a loophole for a scientific process of destabilization of public life and discrediting of the political class (already seen the scene), who finds it hard to have equal in the rest of the Western world. To assume a subversive edge is just the judiciary, that adds malice, resentment and distrust among the public, at a time of internal crisis and in the context of the chaotic international situation. At what price? How much do we Woodcock from a point of view of individual rights and the financial one?
Yesterday Massimo D'Alema spoke of "an avalanche of wiretaps that have nothing to do with criminal events." He proposed and got to have the cards on the investigation by the prosecutor of Naples. This is not just interceptions, hundreds of hours of wiretaps, which are bleeding the coffers of Justice (the employees of private companies specializing in the field, 9,000 people are on a war footing, ready to mobilize against the attorney who no longer have the money to pay them. "The established debt is one billion euros", according to the minister Alfano), it gets worse, end up in the newspapers also clips of interviews, those delicate moments in the life of a man in front of you are the law and you would be willing to negotiate everything aa your freedom and to convince the judge of your innocence. The opposition, the left, should face the problem of unscrupulous this use of the judiciary and the media fallout of his obscene, mortifying the most basic human rights.
The conclusions of the investigation, prosecutors refer to the Law on "sacrifice the right to privacy" and explain that they have resorted to an "atypical acquisition of sources of evidence" to frame Bisignani, entering his secretary's computer, at a distance without violating a search or seizure. All this to expose "an organization dedicated to the acquisition and management of confidential information and illegal secretive", an accusation which, paradoxically, could tip the two prosecutors in Naples.

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