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giovedì 21 luglio 2011

The chamber does not give up the winning attorney and anti-politics.

As you can barter the freedom of a person with the consent of the electoral or partisan interests? The Chamber said that you can do and has certified with 319 votes. Alfonso Papa not care less about those 319 Democratic Party MPs, Third Pole, IDV, and most of the League, who have put in handcuffs after the green light of the House, many of them have not read the papers or know What the prosecutors accuse him of Naples. And do not even have set the problem of defending the role of institutions-from the assault justicialist gacobinista-populist who is mounting as a cream, producing a massive witch-hunt, in which the opposition wallows like rats following the Pied Piper with ' scream of a square bloodthirsty, who wants to see heads roll, hear the clink of handcuffs, break down the caste that Bersani and Casini (coincidentally) identify with the majority alone.

It is played all over the head of a person is innocent until proven otherwise (rule that distinguishes democracies from the arrangements), a parliament that abdicates its duties and bends to the custody of a deputy who is in jail even before enter into a court for trial, as is right and proper when there is an investigation. The process does not exist yet, but even the ruling Papa has already been 'condemned' the Chamber of Deputies, which has surrendered to the attorney.

It is played all over the head of a deputy became the absolute evil, the emblem of the caste, the infector to chase and put the stake: the struggles are played as a party staged in the Northern League with a bench to check Maroni voted that his right (ie the arrest) and eventually has to say only "we have been consistent" and Bossi absent. Thus, voting closed, even the Carolina League's intervention in the House of Lussana which also touched the strings of the warrant (against preventive detention of not remembering the Scalfaro ten years ago, and stressing that "only serves to anticipate the sentence") are fallen on deaf ears. And pidiellini astonished MPs, many with tears in his eyes or a single phrase - "this sucks, we went back seventeen years" - to comment on how it went, seemed the classic fig leaf behind which to hide internal squabbles and perhaps even an unspoken: the distancing by Cav. more and more evident.

Difficult otherwise to understand how the majority are missed 27 votes in the House while the Senate has received more than 24 largely for the tactics of the Po Valley that Papa voted one way and another German. But it also falls on the same suspicion that some parliamentary pidiellino would become the sniper. And 'the suspicion of many deputies who point the finger and not just against the Northern League, as does George Stracquadanio condemning the drum against caste "also fueled by the center-area newspapers, contributing to a climate of witch-hunt that ended taken to make our electorate. Many thanks to them. " And Fabrizio Cicchitto gloss succinctly: "In the House there was a freedom-vote".

They played all over the head of Papa even those of the opposition, beginning with Casini who Cuffaro of such thought otherwise. And a little later accuse Berlusconi of being guaranteed to alternating current, a "guaranteed facade". They did the same as the Democratic Party to send a signal to Vendola Di Pietro and well, to reiterate to them the balance to the next round of the tournament (election). And they did also on German, ushered in the Senate in place of De Castro (sent at the European Parliament) for evading the arrest that he asked prosecutors in Bari, but then turn around and ride the wave of long ' anti-politics. Example, from this point of view, the anger with which Franceschini said that the Democratic Party despite the secret ballot would have to physically see their arrest so using a technical trick (hold my hand so prominently on the button) that creates not a little embarrassed when Crosetto Fini asks the Speaker of the House lights on the words of the exponent democrat.

They played the head of even the Papa of the battles you guarantee that the Radicals have always done their flag. Up to yesterday, and regardless of what the Papa went on to say, and to 'try' before the council for permission to proceed. Which as he said in his speech "I have denied the prosecutors for six months even though I had asked to be heard and to be able to clarify my position."

Deputies was not up to (but a judge and a court) to decide if Alfonso Papa is guilty or innocent, yet so stop with the Chamber has abdicated the defense of the rights written by the founding fathers in the card many times in the range of the squares People outraged regardless, like a mantra or evoked in the rhetoric of the interventions in the House The founding fathers had intended checks and balances, fixed guarantees and safeguards to preserve the balance between state powers.

We guarantee does not mean impunity, is to affirm a principle: the presumption of innocence of a person until the last grade of trial, because, as pointed out in the House Silvano Moffa (People and Territory, the group that requested the secret ballot) " personal freedom can not be breached before the sentence "or as he recalled Maurice Panizo (PDL leader in Committee):" The Parliament can not be overwhelmed by the 'all'untore by him' is not allowed to hit a pillar of the Constitution : the presumption of innocence. Deprived of liberty is hitting now Papa without ifs and buts our parliamentary duties ".

The political design was unveiled: Papa strike to hit Berlusconi and the government. It is no coincidence that Bersani was quick to say that the majority has been broken. It is no coincidence that Leoluca Orlando said that "finally the indignation of the people entered the Palace" while exiting the room was hailed by a group of militants in the permanent garrison of anti which reached perhaps festive air to tell them that justice has been done. But what justice?

The point is that the House has won the anti-politics as Gaetano Quagliariello observes: "To vote against the arrest of a parliamentarian is not fulfilling. We simply have defended a liberal principle. It is certain that the House has won the anti-political, not the Senate. " In his Vice President in the Chamber of Senators with PDL was clear that German had just asked for the public vote yes to his arrest, "the German insisted that the Senate would absolve the license giving the 'haunted', or alternatively voted in favor of his arrest. We can not fulfill it because we are not a court and we believe it is not persecuted, but defending its prerogatives in this way because they are defending the Parliament, the institutions, the State. We do this by opponents, expressing the opinion can be heavier on his political work and the management of health Puglia ". If he wanted to surrender, the former leader of the Democratic Party now in the mixed group could do so by resigning senator, is the reasoning Quagliariello, without "demanding the removal by the Senate last remaining balance in the relationship between justice and the institutions of representative popular sovereignty. We know that out of the Parliament is already preparing new fires, new pyres, but as representatives of the institutions we are bound also to the courage to decide on the basis not of a moment of political expediency, but of principles that apply to our friends and opponents, for those who is innocent and also for those who may be guilty ".

Because the issue is that "anti-politics can not be fed in meal giving institutions, or by delivery to the judiciary the power to affect the integrity of the plenum of the Chambers and thus determine the existence and survival of the majority of governments ".

On the political level remains to be seen as the House vote on Papa will weigh in the balance of the majority and particularly the relationship between the League and the PDL and between Bossi and Berlusconi. The Prime Minister has left the Chamber with ashen face: no statement, just a brief conversation with some of her in the hall of the Government, before convening the General Staff of the party at Palazzo Grazioli to take stock of the situation.

Bossi wants to be a clarification (Friday), want to know what happened but also that the league has intentions, because the line of the Po Valley in recent days more than one cause for suspicion: the triple jump pike Senatur of the Papa which he contrasted the distinction of Milan, to the position on Tuesday that the decree waste has forced the majority to postpone the examination one day, after going in on the request to send back to committee, and yesterday marked yet another with the heel so the motions against the Minister Prestigiacomo which had already expressed the government and majority. Yes he did spend part of IDV, with the center-beat twice (at the end of the decree is back in committee but will be designed to decay). The League can not play in shambles, he said Cav. its because it hurts even to herself.

Suspicions focus on the pidiellini Maroni on the line that embodies and appears increasingly anti-Berlusconi, Bossi matter. If Papa and the waste dl, the league has played its own, but now what will the Senate vote on the refinancing of foreign missions. Last night the deputy minister Castelli has announced that he will vote in the Senate against the refinancing, even if you know you give a "sorry for Berlusconi." It does not matter if it is a government representative, he has already said that if the Cav. considered invalid, the conditions of trust, will resign on the spot. My location? We will see in the House

Of course the situation is that it can not hold for long. As has been certified in the House yesterday, where 319 MPs have written one of the ugliest pages of parliamentary history.

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