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mercoledì 28 settembre 2011

CEI the moral question of Bagnasco

The left-wing newspapers and anti-Berlusconi has produced a very convenient reading of the speech of Cardinal Bagnasco to bend to the more immediate purposes of political controversy. But he did even more and worse: it has honored and welcomed the steps that the culture of their own liberal, libertarian, progressive and secular should have had the courage to criticize if it were not blinded by the whole and the desire for revenge.
In doing so betrayed his roots, his identity and led a work of miseducation and ultimately profound betrayal of the people who recognizes the left. Now it is true that these people applaud a Executioner if its dark you could only bring down the neck of the Prime Minister and besides back in the dustbin of history. But if you leave some dreams take root and were satisfied similar desires, then it becomes very hard to remove.
"It is to purify the air" almost all titles of the newspapers today quoting a passage of Bagnasco. And the more they translate it directly with the invitation to Berlusconi to give up, to step aside, as he and he alone that civil and political climate softened. Yet the president of the CEI, to get to that phrase now jack flag of freedom from the regime of the Cayman, along a very clear way.
The starting point is not Berlusconi but "moral issue" does exist, but that according to Bagnasco "is not a weakness unique to only a part" and is about "the private and public sector", both citizens and institutions. The commitment of the political whole, must be aimed at "fighting corruption, octopus tentacles darting inexhaustible." This will purify the air. It does not concern us here recall names and circumstances that should induce the neo-Bagnasco fans to look inside the home to help purification. But rather to note that the look of Bagnasco collects a wider horizon than the telephone gossip in recent months to endorse and does not care who is way out for politicians seeking.
But as I said it gets worse in the way the left and his newspapers have been stripped my hands to the speech of the President of the CEI. Bagnasco speaks of "licentious behavior and improper relationship" and says they are "in themselves and produce a negative social damage regardless of their fame," then still speak of behavior "not only contrary to public decorum, but inherently sad and empty."
What is left applauds these words, in what has become of the anti-berlusconismo name? Bagnasco discounted introduces elements of Catholic morality, but really the laity, the feminists, the purple people, gays, the Vatican-Taliban, the de facto families and the spread, the GLBT world can applaud the idea of ​​objectively antisexual "behavior licentious in themselves negative "? And what are they? We say so please. And what are the behaviors inherently sad and empty? Bagnasco really believe that he thought the only nights of Arcore and not - as he rightly - even in their own bedrooms. Truly the people of sexual freedom, anti-clerical interference is willing to throw open the doors of their sins only because it is lawful to break into those of Berlusconi?
Is certainly not for us to say to us that we have always considered legitimate and even valuable to the Church's voice in the public eye when you talk about human things, like life, death, sex, motherhood, reproduction, marriage. But what courage is applauded today Bagnasco who claims to have its say on the correct moral and sexual mores of Italians (first of Berlusconi obvious) until yesterday when it ordered him to keep quiet about gay marriage or artificial insemination?
Indeed, in the name of Berlusconi, the left will make the sex phobia, a sense of modesty, sexual orthodoxy, fidelity and continence of its political banner? Should we expect the next leader of the Democratic Party and its first outsider to be licentious behavior and improper relationship and swear on the Bible not to run into sad and empty practices? If so it seems to me that many of the potential competitors do not make it through the primaries.

There is so much wonder if for once the Church has acted as a Church, has followed a non-political but pastoral. He dictated a reminder of the Gospel, not at all instrumental, "wrong" - perhaps - the timing of this public appearance - on the eve of the Senate examination of the law on living wills, which the president of the CEI at the end of his speech recalled - But proving a will in this redeeming of consciences and minds, rather than political goals. In the first part of his speech to the Italian bishops, Bagnasco spoke shepherd, has translated into practice the message of Pope Benedict XVI, when the German parliament told MPs that politics means first of all distinguish between good and evil, between the apparent and true right. It may have resulted in preaching, in "a spade a spade and spade", grasp and interpret the messages of a civil society, which in the case of the Church are nothing but the faithful, especially in turmoil and difficulty.
Just read at length and with a critical eye it was given to understand that the president of the CEI has it all. With Berlusconi, of course, even without naming names, but also with the "committees of business," with those who are reluctant to recognize the exact gravity of the situation beyond manipulation and partisanship, with those who act according to a principle of regulation of personal accounts rather than inspired by the desire to accomplish their tasks. Angry with those who contribute to the deterioration of public morality and language, with those who perpetuated a reciprocal, systematic disparagement, and who helps to corrupt the civic sense, complicating any possibility of even political renaissance.
Pastor speaks when he says: "Mortify especially having to take note of behavior not only contrary to public decorum, but inherently sad and empty."
Moreover - and Bagnasco it strongly emphasizes - is not the first time that the CEI is pronounced in this regard. He had already done in 2009, long before Tarantini and Ruby come on-stream the court: "anyone who chooses political orientation, must be aware" of the measure and sobriety, discipline and honor involved, as well as our Constitution reminds "(Opening speech to the Permanent Council of 21 to 24 September 2009 and 24-27 January 2011).

But then Bagnasco registry changes, and having stated that, evangelically speaking, Italian politics, speaks to her, to the Catholic world and the Catholic world, not on behalf or on behalf of antiberluscones professional. Highlighting - yes - a passage that does not cover certain political Silvio Berlusconi, but the commitment of Catholics in politics. When the president of the CEI states that "to give conscience to Catholics today is not primarily belonging outside, but the values ​​of humanization. Values ​​that you are learning to recognize and bring with increasing courage and actually end up making you feel more united than the Catholics would not want someone to believe "that, increasingly," also attract the interest of those who do not explicitly Catholic feels, "refers to a" heritage of culture and the fact of social representation processes of maturation Community ", which" are released now routinely experiences that are a hotbed of sensitivity, dedication, intelligence is increasingly put at the disposal of community and country.
In which direction moves the Church, Bagnasco implies it when he says: "It looks fast standing out on the horizon the possibility of a subject's cultural and social dialogue with politics, which - strictly combining social ethics with the ethics of life - the womb of the future is promising, without nostalgia or naive illusions. " No nostalgia for DC, no illusion of being able to rebuild a party of Catholics, but the strengthening of Catholic public opinion, but not limited to, aware and united on a plot of values, that will be a driving force in politics.
If declassified as a discourse tout court anti-Berlusconi lecture Bagnasco, making a sin of naivete and approximation. If we read it as a warning, launched by a Church much closer to voters than it actually is at this moment in Italian politics, will draw as well as cause for reflection, also the unmistakable signs of a change taking place.

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