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mercoledì 8 settembre 2010

Capitalism will continue to move forward, but yes!

The recent G20 Toronto ended with a single decision, to reduce the deficit in public accounts of the rich countries to avoid a collapse of the financial system, and general condemnation of the corruption that probably will not lead to any concrete measure, certainly not in Italy. The conclusion in short is that capitalism must be saved and stored as is, without any change.
There is no trace of an attempt to limit its negative aspects, groped for improvement, and there is no difference in attitude depending on the political color of individual governments. It 's the classic proof that the left is culturally and politically disappeared from the international scene, and you see a new horizon. U.S. President Obama departs part of this setting and promises to put a limit to the power of banks and increase public spending to sustain the recovery. But we must not forget that in the United States wealth differentials are much larger than in Europe and the welfare state is much weaker. In the world, despite the crisis, the rich are getting better and then they are certainly not worried. In Europe, cuts the deficit will be cut under the welfare state. The differences of wealth within society continue to rise, and so far it is very doubtful that Obama will really effective measures to prevent it.

No trace in the G20 meetings, present and future aid to poor countries, taxes on banks, on speculation and financial returns, rebuilding the economy to make it more sustainable energy, environmental and social. No measure to limit fossil fuels even as the Gulf of Mexico continues to be poisoned by oil.
No change, and why there should be, if the privileged of the world who have direct control over governments, are always better? Outside the gates of power are still very few protesters, imprisoned between repression and violence free end in itself, which serves neither to scare the powerful or to propose a different world.
Because in the end the few who have a genuine interest in keeping the world as it is, and worse, are united and harmonious. While the vast majority, that state of affairs has much to lose, is divided, in their closed little world of daily survival and drugged by television propaganda. And until people are few and remain conscious, capitalism will continue to move forward in one direction, but yes!

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