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mercoledì 8 settembre 2010

The Indian economy, however, continues to grow.

While Western countries are trying to recover from the global economic crisis of 2008, any country in the second quarter of 2010 was able to have a gross domestic product growth of 8, 8 percent. India continues to improve its industrial production (achieved a +12%) and chases more closely the Chinese giant. It is not only the production to be increasing in the country. According to the Times of India, the average income of Indian citizens in the years 2003-2008 almost doubled.
But the growth has not even spared inflation, which is also increasing. So now that you watch with interest the Indian economy, many analysts have noted that, just the growth of inflation, may undermine the benefits of economic growth, especially against the poorest sections of society. If the increase in prices mainly affects the food sector: a key area of expenditure for the poorer classes. The uncontrolled increase in prices will only increase the growing gap, already strong in the country, between social classes.
Economic analysts have therefore called for caution, since the publication of these positive economic data in late August. The slowdown that other countries like Japan and the United States have in recent months could, in fact, also affect India.
The country is not completely rescued by every economic problem: the RBI, in fact, has many problems in trying to contain inflation which in July for the fifth consecutive month, has exceeded 10 percent.
The Indian economy, however, continues to grow. Are growing sales of motor vehicles and bank financing, safe index of the growing domestic demand and general confidence that the positive trend will continue. An example is Tata Motors Ltd, a leading Indian motor vehicles, which showed higher sales in July by 41%.
This economic growth in which the mining sector also experienced a 9 percent more, the only sector that seems to be stopped is agriculture, which was stopped at a 2.8 percent more, one of the levels lower.
While the world struggles with the crisis around the corner, India shares recover and today its GDP at purchasing power parity, is the fourth in the world after U.S., Japan and China.

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