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mercoledì 8 settembre 2010

In Iraq begins the withdrawal of American

It took seven and a half of war, 4,419 U.S. soldiers killed an unknown number of civilians dead and a new president to see U.S. troops start withdrawing from Iraq. As reported by NBC, the last combat brigade has passed the night on the border with Kuwait, anticipating, in fact, the end of the commitment in direct combat U.S. Army, set for next Aug. 31.
The war that led to the overthrow of Saddam Hussein is finished and then, on paper. Four U.S. soldiers have crossed that same border that in 1990 Saddam Hussein's troops had crossed to invade the emirate. That, however, was another war. Why is the "Gulf War", adopted by the then U.S. president, George W. Bush believes that Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction (which were never found), led to only one certain result: the death of Saddam.
For the rest of the war has created deep divisions in Europe, including countries like Britain who fought alongside the United States (setting a high rate of casualties) and countries that have always preferred to remain against the war, like France.
It was not an unexpected withdrawal. Barack Obama has already announced, on August 2, the withdrawal of troops by the end of the month, when 50 thousand U.S. troops remain in Iraq with the task of training Iraqi security forces, protect U.S. personnel and facilities. The moment, however, is historic because it seems to mark the end of a war that could continue indefinitely.
Sure, Iraq today is not a country safer than March 20, 2003. Only two days ago, in fact, a new suicide attack was fatal for 61 people.
Former President Bush announced the end of hostilities on May 1 of 2003. It was only a propaganda speech, however, why the fighting in recent years have become even harder. And it was Bush's request in 2007, a considerable increase of men to combat violence in the country.
In this war the U.S. has paid one million dollars and it is understandable that Philip Crowley, spokesman for the State Department, declaring "we must do everything we can to protect this investment and to secure Iraq and its neighbors a situation peaceful serves our interests and to them. " The reality is that it will take months to see if the Iraqis fail to go it alone. The Iraqi general Babaker Zebari believes that before 2020 will be difficult for the military forces of Iraq take control of the country. It also said that the problems in Iraq will begin from the end of 2011, when Americans have left the war zone. Zebari's objections, however, were immediately rejected by the top American.
The withdrawal of troops from Iraq, in fact, will enhance the front of the U.S. in Afghanistan, where war continues instead. Iraq will be abandoned to his fate. Without a real government. And with the perspective advanced by some newspapers, that the forces of Al-Qaeda to step up their power.
With this retreat, the President holds the promise Obama made during his election campaign. Will the Iraqi people, once again, to pay the consequences of over seven years of war: the army goes away, but the violence is not intended to diminish.

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