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domenica 5 settembre 2010

Justice. Even the short process.

While the men of the dictator Gheddafi pitch a tent in the Libyan ambassador's residence in the house PDL pot had already been put to boil on the stove. A cook is the theme of justice, with an ingredient that may be indigestible to many, the process soon. On the field of justice, in fact, play the next match between Berlusconi's majority and dissenters Finian. The government expects a demonstration of loyalty by men close to President of the Chamber but that the process is not a quick easy game, as the future leaders of Freedom and want to open a debate and revise the text already dismissed by the Senate. He had already explained the ultimate tone finiano Carmelo Briguglio: "Voting 'no' if the text does not change." The reason? The measure passed in the Senate in January would not be "compatible with the line of strict respect for the law that took President Fini. Last evening, the President of the Group of fli, Italo Bocchino explained: "We support a legal shield for Berlusconi, who is the victim of aggression," adding that "one can not be less than overnight , four to five hundred thousand jobs. " The government has however ordered a halt to "patrol" Finian. In an interview published yesterday by the Republic, the Vice-President of the Chamber Maurizio Lupi invited members of the PDL to assume their responsibility because, in short, there is confidence in the "five points" programming and the vote can only be white or black. "We can not tolerate a continuous and endless negotiations, back to the time of the law on wiretapping." In short, cut short Wolves, one can argue within the party, but then Finian must comply with the information of the majority. For Vice-President of the Chamber should start talking about issues that really interest to Italians: the South, the education and family policies. The chairman of the Members of the PDL, Fabrizio Cicchitto, considers the situation a lot easier than we want to believe: "Citizens have the right to a certain and swift justice." The process falls short of full justice reform project in the plans of the government, then you must go straight on this road. But Finian not mean let go, at least until they put their team to secure the referral of Arbitrators. To confirm it was Mary Ida Germontani, Senator of the Future Group and Freedom: "The revocation of the expulsion of Fini is the precondition for any negotiations on any subject." Centrist at home, meanwhile, "chat". The UDC says no quick process while making themselves available to consider some form of protection for high state offices. For Marina Sereni, instead, we come to the PD, the short process only serves to leave the prime minister from his troubles with the law. Even stronger spokesman Italy of Values Leoluca Orlando, in announcing the imminent war measure by the benches of Parliament and in the streets, said he wanted to prevent "another favor done to cracks and Berlusconi." Among the critics has raised the voice of the prosecutor in Reggio Calabria, Nicola Gratteri that, during an interview with the online channel KlausCondicio, said he considered the norm on the process about a gift to those who commit crimes against government (often organized crime), and called on Interior Minister Roberto Maroni to be felt, since "total Maroni has proven to be a good minister." Meanwhile, the Secretary of Pd Bersani, anxious to do the Berlusconi tripped on a key measure in this difficult phase of the term, a challenge to Finian ahead of vote of confidence provided by the government: "For those who support and defend certain principles of law, I expect consistency in the process shortly. " Replied the spokesman of the PDL Daniele Capezzone: "It is disheartening to note that opponents of the process would continue in operations short of complete misrepresentation of reality." According Capezzone the measure is "the first act of civilization, compared with a duration of trials that would still be too long compared to the best Western standards." The games are open then. And the end result will begin to draw from this weekend, next Saturday, when Gianfranco Fini will convene to decide on its strategy to be adopted for the resumption of the proceedings of Parliament.

Short process again in the spotlight. And 'this is the node that Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has dissolved on September 1.

The Prime Minister has convened a summit at Palazzo Grazioli to decide what attitude to take with Finian, with the aim of getting final approval pursuant to House. At the brunch was attended by the Keeper of Angelino Alfano, the head of the Justice PDL Niccolo Ghedini and Undersecretary to the Prime Minister Gianni Letta. After the meeting Berlusconi is convinced of the need for a buffer solution: changing the "transitional rule", the most criticized by Finian, thus removing a possible boycott by the hawks of the President of the Chamber. But what is the transitional rule? The Senate bill provides fired from the extinction process only in cases where crimes have occurred discussed before May 2006 and are punishable with sentences of less than 10 years. E 'on this point that the majority will try to mediate to reach an agreement. At this point it was not until the weekend to see if the month of September will be warmer than the past year. The majority will have to play some good cards, the first coming Saturday, when Gianfranco Fini will convene to outline its strategy to be adopted by Fli when Parliament reopens its doors after the summer break. The next day, September 5, President of the Chamber held the closing speech of the "party tricolor" Mirabello and will focus on programmatic bases finiano group. Is set for September 8th conference of the leaders of the House to decide the scheduling of the government's five point program (and its vote of confidence). 17, finally, is the day the income rationem, a date not only feared by those who are superstitious but also by Finian that will face the verdict of Arbitrators of the PDL.

Notice is still some signs of détente between the Knight and the "patrol" the President of the Chamber. The signs were there since morning, when Roberto Calderoni (who together with Roberto Cota was awarded the position of mediator between the front and Berlusconi finiano), interviewed by the Republic, has hinted that it could reach a truce " If the PDL background the 'reset' button would not hurt, the reason of state at times must prevail. " But as long - said Calderoli - that peace is bilateral. Meaning: Fli not put spokes in the wheels on the "short trial" to the resumption of work at Montecitorio and, in turn, would withdraw the referral of Finian.

Justice, in short, is the decisive issue for the fate of the government. The chairman of the Members fli, Italo Bocchino, not yet at the detailed proposals, letting the hot potato in his hand for purposes clarify its position in Mirabello. The Finian seem undecided and this is precisely that is made by the deputy president of the Senate of the PDL Gaetano Quagliariello on Radio Radical: "I do not hide behind a finger, and Justice say there are two problems: ensuring justice faster, because the time trial Italians are scandalous, and have huge repercussions. Another problem is to ensure a shield to high state offices, and in particular Prime Minister. " "I know that friends of Freedom and Future share this point of view - concluded Quagliariello - and then we must say what can be done, if not the short process." A statement in line with that of the President to Members of the PDL Fabrizio Cicchitto, convinced that Berlusconi has the merit of wanting to reduce the duration of processes that take lives and business suspended in limbo for decades, until the decision, and that for this, "we have ordered from Europe."

Of "short trial" the PD does not even want to hear. According to Democratic Senator Joseph Lumia what in Italy are not too hard process, but the impunity of Berlusconi, making the decision to launch its majority, would "fade out any hope of justice for victims of crime. Therefore, in Lumia, the government should allocate "more tools and resources to the various organs of justice" to reorganize the system more easily and effectively. " Lapidary dell'Idv leader Antonio Di Pietro, which reaffirms its commitment to raise a wall against the measure. According to former magistrate making brief violent Constitution humiliates justice and the rule of law becomes a banana republic. " Bees also strongly opposed by the leader Francesco Rutelli: "We will vote without question and without hesitation 'no' to the process short, as we did in the Senate." In brawl you add a new incursion of "Christian Family", directed by Don Antonio Sciortino. According to the weekly Catholic politics, rather than addressing important issues such as the family is "struggling with false priorities and emergencies, such as the so-called short trial." Apart from the attacks, the majority does not reverse, counting on the likely outcome of political mediation between Berlusconi and Finian, before they again thrown open the doors of Deputies.

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