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domenica 19 dicembre 2010

Catalonia, the center of the Mediterranean Jihad

WikiLeaks casts the shadow of Jihad on Catalonia. Tre 'cables', all coming from the U.S. Embassy in Madrid, consider the autonomous region "principal place of Jihaidismo in the Mediterranean" and, due to uncontrolled immigration in the region, driven by a "large Muslim population sensitive to the phenomenon." Precisely for this reason, Washington would open a center of espionage at the headquarters of the U.S. Consulate in Barcelona.
The documents also provide a focus on links between Islamic terrorists and organized crime in Barcelona, which cablegrams define the "crossroads of business concern." In short, the scenario painted by the Wiki-documents does nothing but confirm the findings of many independent analysts about the challenges that Spain is facing in the face of the threatening expansion of militant Islam.
A 'cable' five-page, dated October 2, 2007, and classified as 'secret', describes the relationship between mass immigration in Spain over the last decade and the rise of radical Islamism in the country. In the words of Ambassador Eduardo Aguirre make a clear picture of the situation: "The heavy immigration - both legal and illegal - from North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria) and South-East Asia (Pakistan and Bangladesh) has made Catalonia a magnet for terrorist recruiters. " The Spanish National Police estimated that the number of Pakistanis living in Barcelona and could rise to around 60,000. The identikit is well defined: the vast majority are male, unmarried and without legal documentation. There are immigrants from North Africa living on the margins of Spanish society, they do not speaks the language, are often unemployed and have very few decent places to practice their religion. A mixture of ingredients that make the situation explosive.
Documents in the Catalan capital is defined in no uncertain terms "mafia" and the basis for a number of trafficking: people, money, drugs. Barcelona, and in particular its hinterland - Tarragona, Hospitalet, Badalona and Reus - particularly concerned about Americans who have thus brought under control the local Moroccan and Pakistani communities. In one document reads: "The U.S. must know all of those circulating in the area stretching from Algiers to Tunis and Rabat in the south of France. The consulate in Barcelona is the ideal base to establish an operations center to analyze the phenomenon".
What should have stirred up more activity by Islamic extremists in Spain, according to the cables, would be the uncontrolled influx of Moroccan fundamentalists, who for their poor economic conditions, tend to be more prone to involvement in criminal activities.
WikiLeaks reveals, in short, a frightening reality, which seems to be also confirmed by recent news reports. On December 1, during an international operation dubbed "Kampai", a cell of financial and logistical support to Al Qaeda has been smashes in the Raval district, one of the poorest and most degraded of historical Barcelona. Over the years, this popular area of Catalonia, no longer in the hands of the Catalans, but mainly people from Pakistan, from the center and north Africa and Thailand, has become the most important crossroads for degrading activities such as drug dealing and prostitution.
The situation is worrying. The documents show that there would be at least 300 suspected Islamic terrorists or logistics operators in Spain and it is estimated there may be up to 1,000 terrorist organizations in the area. Illegal activities of their origin or species WOULD BE multiply without control in this area: just a 'cable' reads: "The Spanish authorities are having difficulty following the flow of illegal drugs and laundered money that comes through the 'Catalan away' . The Spanish authorities do not have a complete understanding of the entire range of the mafia. " In short, despite some success - see the series of arrests in January 2008 and two weeks ago, before the management of these two major problems in Spain would be helpless and unprepared.

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