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martedì 7 dicembre 2010

"In the U.S. there are sudden reversals, the ethics of democracy is the priority"

O Berlusconi government or early elections. And 'the certainty of majority, the so confident of cashing in the Senate and the House, takes the helm on a fixed route on 14 December. Even Amato Berardi, a member of the Finance Committee in the House, pidiellino Italian-American based in Philadelphia elected in the "North and Central America," is "confident that Prime Minister Berlusconi will have the confidence." Meanwhile, the Italian international relations come under fire (vain) of the revelations of Wikileaks and the maneuvers of 'terzopolisti' endanger the political stability of the country which, even according to the prime minister, could become "a target of international speculation, such as Greece and Ireland. " However, there is a window of negotiation and Berardi is convinced.

Mr Berardi, therefore, for most there is room for negotiation?

I am sure that the trust will be, but what the deal is a possible scenario. The opening and Fli UDC could provide stability to the executive to enable us to govern for the whole term. Would go ahead with the reforms necessary for Italy. If this were to lead to the initiation of a discussion table even on the electoral law, it would be for the good of the country.

She travels back and forth between Italy and the United States. As the Italian political affairs are judged by the Americans?

The games based on political issues or personal character building are very critical of the United States. In truth, many do not understand what is going on for a very simple reason: the system once the American people expressed their will against a party and its leader, the legislature must continue and there is no space for solutions fall-back "or reversals. For Americans, there is dancing in the ethics of democracy. In Italy, for some, this does not seem to count the same way.

The reform of the Italian university has been a source of great conflict, both inside and outside Parliament. In your opinion, is likely to end up at a dead end?

I think not. Indeed, we must ensure that this law goes ahead, because the Italian university system needs a radical change.

He believes that with this reform Italian universities can get closer to the American model of governance, known for its efficiency in the world?

The American system and Italian are very different, it is not easy to relate. In the U.S., for example, students attend lectures, exams and do not play while studying business activities related to their course of study. So it's a fundamentally different approach from ours. But we must also consider that in America employs about 15 000 Italian researchers: it means that the knowledge of our researchers are very good. What must change is the limiting waste and management of the University, otherwise the best tend to leave.

He is a refrain: Italy waste a lot of money. But this time there are those who say we are on the brink of financial cliff like Greece, Ireland and Portugal. It 's so?

Surely we have bigger problems, but also a fortune: the Italians are great savers. Having said that we must be very careful, because exports are currently very difficult, and investors are discouraged. The Italian tax system, for example, is too urgent.

Because it affects the instability of Italian politics in international economic relations?

Very much. Lately, Italy, view from abroad, a country is weak and this certainly does not attract investment. Now, a breakthrough such as the University would be right to do it justice. Do you think that some corporations do not enter the Italian market because, firstly, the tax system is very high, and secondly because the judicial system, too slow, does not reassure investors who fear the risk of having to deal with unsustainable costs. Many U.S. companies want to flee from Italy.

According to her the story Wikileaks is exacerbating relations between Italy and the United States?

There is very little concrete in the revelations which have been spoken in recent days. Relations between the United States and Italy are very good. Diplomats often express the opinions that are solely for personal political meetings. This does not mean that certain judgments reflect the feelings of the citizens or governments.

Yet, the Italy-Russia axis and the project "South Stream" for the European gas supply, seems to be for the United States the cause of some stomach ache.

Of course, the energy game is a serious matter and certain interests the U.S. does not want to be put aside. But we do not forget that the U.S. and Italy continue to be side by side in the mission in Afghanistan. I therefore believe that the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was sincere in saying that there are excellent relations of friendship with Berlusconi and Italy. It 'also the sentiment of U.S. lawmakers.

We remain on the American side. Now that the midterm elections have made a defeat for the Democrats, what is the Republican strategy?

Now the Republicans must concentrate more than ever the consent of the employees of small and medium enterprises. That is a basin that contains about 80% of American workers.

The Democrats have long enjoyed the consensus of the so-called "rust belt" of Pennsylvania where it belongs, ie the area in the northeast U.S. where there are so many factories and a large concentration of workers. The party of President Obama have those votes?

Obama has now lost them. But not all in the same area because the president has lost the consent of their employers. Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois were once strategic states for the Democrats. But in the "boundary" Obama achieved the lowest in the history of the Democrats. This happened because the "macromanagement" Obama has given little space to people in his administration could guarantee that those votes.

What do you think of the phenomenon of "Tea Party"?

They are having a good result due to a partial loss of consensus by both Democrats and Republicans. Health care reform, which includes raising the tax burden, has been a driving force of the consent of the Tea Party. It 's a role they are playing very well.

Italy and the United States have many important business relationships. For her, what is the paper on which is more important to concentrate on?

The Fiat-Chrysler it definitely is. I am sure that Fiat will be very good products in the U.S. market.

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