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mercoledì 7 settembre 2011

USA: Obama disappointed the Democrats and their elected blacks attack the Tea Party

Unemployment among African-Americans stands at 17%
The most trivial thing you can say about the 2012 U.S. presidential election, and on U.S. policy in general, is that everything is decided on the state of the economy. Ever since James Carville wrote a post it "his" Democratic candidate Bill Clinton, "it's the economy, stupid" (not to instruct but to reproach him), there is no way to say that the economy will dominate the presidential election not fall precisely into the cacophony of journalism. But there it is. However, the political adage 'Carville' is certainly true when, as in the case of Barack Obama - in addition to skin color - what brought you to the White House's rhetoric has been made by hand the most dramatic economic crisis since 1929.

Boomerang effect, 'who lives by the sword shall perish by the sword', and down on one China. Obama is seen to give Americans the right and obligation "to fix the economy", to fix the economy, and after three years of very few results: no recovery, risk of double-dip recession, unemployment at 9% (no president has FDR was re-elected on, with an unemployment rate above 7%), and the public debt increased by four trillion dollars in less than a presidential term. In other words other than "New Deal" of the third millennium, the Obama presidency is now increasingly "a great mess", a large slaughterhouse, complete with presidential seal of the first African-American U.S. president. If it is true that Democratic President has disappointed many, are in the list (and very surprising) even the elect of Congress African-Americans, those of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), the group of Capitol Hill that since 1971 brings together the blacks of 'American elected to Congress.

Formally bipartisan group (today part of which only 41 elected a Republican, Allen West elected in Florida), some members of the CBC have large fire in recent days. In particular, two elected Democrats, Maxine Waters and Andre Carson, respectively, elected to the House of Representatives in California and Indiana, during two separate public rallies, they hit hard on the Tea Party movement, perhaps too much. To open the danse was Maxine Waters who has attacked the members of the Tea Party movement, hoping publicly that "go to hell", saying he was ready "to do everything to show them the way." More arsonist Andre Carson: "Some of these (Tea Party) in Congress would love to make us (blacks) as second class citizens, ... maybe hanging from a tree." Conviction? Real fear for the return of the Jim Crow system? Nonsense. In the dimension of mainstream propaganda Tea Party is totally lacking in the racial component. To give just one small example: Hernan Cain, candidate in the Republican primary, Black, former CEO of Godfather's Pizza is a favorite of the Tea Party movement. And he could do many other examples. But then why blame the Democrats blacks so much with the Tea Party?

We will say only that the blacks of America have voted in force the first black president in the history of the United States of America, and after three years, the picture of the state of the U.S. African-American community remains gray: the unemployment rate among blacks stands at 17%, 8% more than the national average and rates of incarceration of blacks are still very high. In other words, be elected as a Democrat these days is quite difficult, especially if the re-election presses. But even more so if you are part of the CBC. Soon to be bandied about your voters, few of which bear results. It remains then that high tones, black ogre research shake. What better time than the specter of the white American, the Patriot Tea Party, angry with the federal government, the same U.S. government that was so crucial in the '60s and '70s to disrupt the fetid waste segregation Jim Crow system?

The failed policies of the Obama administration on economic stimulus plan nearly a trillion dollars on his head, did not bring solutions, and then you just have to raise the tone. But the car does not seem to stop the mud at the CBC. The day before yesterday, James Hoffa, the Teamsters union leader and son of the famous trade unionist "Jimmy" Hoffa, as he prepared to warm up the crowd for a rally of Obama in Detroit gave the "son of bitches", literally the children of a bitch, members of the Tea Party. Another sign that the 2012 presidential elections are about to be massacred in the most political language.

Perhaps you're right Charles Krauthammer, a noted journalist and columnist for the Washington Post conseravatore, who has been saying for months that the next presidential campaign will be one of the more "nasty", distasteful, in recent decades.

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