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lunedì 8 maggio 2017

France-Macron: "Flexibility and axis with Berlin"

The new President of the Republic will be proclaimed on Thursday 11 May 2017.
The settlement ceremony will take place at the latest on Sunday, May 14, the end of the term of office of François Hollande.
Macron has a short political history in the center-left, Macron is 39 years old, he is a charismatic speaker, he plays the piano and he graduated from the Nationwide School of Administration, completing his studies in 2004.
The first analysis of the vote shows that Marine Le Pen has gone better among people between the ages of 25 and 49, while the percentages of Macron are definitely better among the younger and the oldest. 
Macron was then chosen by those with a higher level of education and those with higher incomes. Macron was finally voted by the man who worked as a manager or retired, while Marine Le Pen was well-off among the workers.
During the electoral campaign Macron was called “center-left liberal”, “centrist” and “moderate”. Bloomberg wrote in September, “blends appreciation with market reforms with social community appeals.”
He thinks that sovereignty is not national but European, and that closing borders to protect France from the risks of globalization (as proposed by Marine Le Pen) is unjustified for the French economic development.

From 2006 to 2015 he was enrolled in the Socialist Party.
During his commissions the new President of the French republic says things that no other French candidate says, for example "We are Europe. We are Bruxelles. We need Europe.” Macron is defined as a “liberal progressist” in the economy, but left on social issues: he speaks of the freedom to practice each one of his religion in a secular state and says that no one is to give to those “who promote exclusion, hatred or closure in ourselves.”

Macron addresses the “progressive camp” of electors and electricians who do not identify monolithically either with the right or with the left parties.
Anyway he is in favor for the addresses ecologists, liberals, centrists, social democrats, but especially those who do not feel they have a “Precise political affiliation”.
He worked at Rothschild's Rothschild and Cie Banque, and for this reason Marine Le Pen accused him of being an expression of a “global elite” wanting to control France.
He then proposed to “relaunch the entrepreneurial spirit” of the country by facilitating the decision to take risks during his working careers and defending “a universal right to professional mobility”.

Last November, Macron published a book entitled Révolution, in which the political program underlying his candidacy for the presidential candidates had to be contained.
In fact, the book mainly refers to Macron's political line without getting into the details of the reforms he would like to propose and support.
Macron speaks of simplification, decentralization, protection and liberation.
He is in favor of lowering labor costs through tax breaks for businesses, wanting to “reduce the gap between gross and net remuneration” by eliminating some contributions paid by employees and self-employed and wants simplification of the public structure.
When he was minister, Macron had been defined by several French newspapers as “the most liberal of the governing team” and his first bill on liberalization had promptly discussed a lot of.

Macron then resigned as Minister on August 30, 2016. After resignation he founded a center party called En Marche! Anyway to justify his candidacy outside the traditional parties, he highlighted the “hope” he meant to represent, especially among young people: “My goal is not to gather the right or left but gather the French.”
Macron has officially been nominated in mid-November, criticizing in his speech what he calls the “blocks” which, in his opinion, paralyze France and he says: “The system has stopped protecting those who had to protect. Politics now lives for itself and is more concerned with its own survival than the interests of the country."

Macron says globalization has favored the wealthiest of the developed countries and the middle classes in developing countries. The middle classes in the developed countries, however, have weakened, and above all, they need to perk up.
Macron says: “The middle classes were socially, politically and ideologically built on the concept of progress and the conviction that their children would have lived better of their parents. This is no longer true.”
Macron finally proposed a differentiated retirement depending on job coaches and speaks a lot about education.
Macron is in favor of greater autonomy of universities and schools and in the field of security promised 10.000 jobs for policemen and gendarmes.
He says that France cannot be enough for itself and that united Europe is crucial both in the fight against terrorism and in dealing with migratory flows.

Voilà! Vive le peuple, vive l’Europe!

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