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martedì 31 agosto 2010

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani sentenced to stoning. Let save.

An appeal to save the lives Sakineh Ashtiani Mohammadi, the Iranian woman forced into a false confession on TV who has been sentenced to stoning for adultery during the marriage''.'' At launch, we inform you in a note, and 'was Barducci Andrea, President of the Province of Florence.

''You can not remain indifferent to this real barbarity - says Barducci -. This woman is not only 'been threatened during the interrogation to induce a confession then retracted during the process, but also, despite two courts have declared that they had found evidence against her,' was sentenced to death by stoning under the same Iranian law a provision that allows the expression of an opinion of guilt even without evidence.'' E'''just that from Florence and Tuscany rises an appeal to prevent this barbaric act,''adds Barducci, finally, note, remember how back in 1786 Peter Leopold of Lorraine, abolishing capital punishment in the Grand Duchy of Tuscany define 'affordable only to the practice''barbaric peoples.''

Widens by the day mobilization to save the lives Sakineh Ashtiani Mohammadi, the Iranian woman sentenced to stoning for adultery and complicity in the murder of a husband. In France, in particular, successive calls to the Iranian government and the president Nicolas Sarkozy is following the story in person. At present, however, Iranian authorities seem deaf to every appeal for clemency: August 13 43 year old woman, mother of two children, was forced to plead guilty to two live TV.
A new appeal signed by fifteen French intellectuals, among them Max Gallo and Salvatore Daniel Schiffer, was published today in the Belgian newspaper Le Soir and two Luxembourg newspapers, Tageblatt and Le Quotidien, while in previous days had been published in several French newspapers . And was renewed the appeal launched by the French philosopher Bernard Henry-Levy, who in recent days joined Catherine Deneuve, Jane Birkin, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jeanne Moreau, and political figures such as Martine Aubry, Valery Giscard d'Estaing and Bertrand Delanoe . He also signed the actor Gerard Depardieu. And even today I got a note in which the French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said that Paris "will leave no stone unturned in order to save Sakineh from a terrible death" and calls on the authorities in Tehran "to hear the voice of the international community and mobilization of civil society. "

France is not the only country to press for Sakineh not being killed and being freed: Brazil's President Lula had offered asylum to women, abruptly rejected the request by the Iranian government, and the turkish government, the newspaper writes today Zaman raised the issue attention of the authorities in Tehran during a meeting in which also spoke of the Islamic Republic's nuclear program.

In Italy today, the foundation Rocco Barnabei, based in Siena, sent an appeal to the Iranian ambassador in Rome Bahram Ghasemi: "Our foundation, pursuing its final goal the abolition of the death penalty and the assertion of rights humans, it joins the internationally renowned personalities from the political and cultural Sakineh to save the death penalty. We turn to you and the Iranian authorities to be suspended and revoked the death sentence by stoning, scheduled for August 21 with the charge of alleged adultery and complicity in the murder of her husband. "
The appeal also seeks review of the case, Mohammadi Sakineh Ashtiani "see finally acknowledged his innocence and cease all acts of violence, torture and violation of the dignity that this young woman has suffered and in the name of the affirmation of a Justice that the strikes even harder as a woman who sees in his country refused to recognize even the most basic human rights. " Let save !!!!!!!

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