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mercoledì 5 gennaio 2011

A future for young people, necessary to focus on competitiveness

Finally, in Italy it was realized the drama of a youthful condition that must be measured, for the first time in centuries, with a future with no certainty and little hope. Too bad that this was done under the pretext and wrong at the hands of less qualified individuals.
Wrong is the pretext of reform Gelmini, who is actually the first serious attempt to re-open some doors to new talent, after the tight end made for the use and consumption of themselves and their loved ones, the worst generation of Italian history, one that had inherited from their fathers a free world and rebuilt from the rubble of a devastating war, the march towards ever higher objectives and common welfare, and is preparing to give their children the debt of third world, dedicated to selfishness and a desolate wilderness values, in fact pursuing a kind of masochistic decline.
Wrong even those who are nostalgic for the time when, as a sign of a opaque voracious, it is hard created the premises of the misappropriation of the future of generations to come, in a system based on the institutionalization of privileges including, regardless of their ability, to the detriment of the rights of those who - for age reasons - had not had time to enter the compound. And in fact the constant movement of this pseudo-youth language is a blind and reactionary conservatism, which aims to systematically and obsessively protective of the more indefensible and anti-youth of the existing.
Instead there is only one way to deal with any hope of successfully growing marginalization of young people in the world: to implement a bold and innovative policy, which we have to restart the growth of the Italian system in a globalized world where, not case, the economies are less romp casts poison by protectionism, which - like it or not - capitalism is freer to develop their potential. It's a miracle that Italy has started to grow despite the heavy burdens ideological, bureaucratic, fiscal and corporate which encumbers the way, but if these liens are not removed there will save a sad decline they will pay particular generations innocent.
If so, the revolution of Marchionne, supported by trade unions and less ideologicizzati a clear majority of workers, it moves on the way to give back to the Italian system the slenderness and the speed necessary to prevent us from losing too much ground compared to the rest of the world , and even timid overtures to meritocracy - such as those of Gelmini and Brunetta - is also moving in the right way to support this revolution.
The challenge is that of competitiveness, which passes through the rupture of that network of privileges and prohibitions protectionist behind which has so far accommodated the cynical selfishness of a generation, that of sessantottino, said today that its yet another lie score the reasons of its victims.
This issue is all the more unavoidable Vendola of Puglia, where the old interpretation of the sixty-eight have the political control of the region and carrying the banner of an ideological vision of the economy that hides behind a facade of youthfulness, the national record for percentage loss jobs. With a disturbing and significant peak in reference to the graduates, resulting in the consequent mass exodus of young brains.

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